What We Do 

If you fit in one of the categories below, you might very well be a potential client of Indigo Solutions. 

1. Small chain and independent hotel and resort operators facing challenges with revenue generation, organizations, technology, spend control, profitability, Union contracts or pressure, renovation needs, insurance claims, disaster recovery or pre-opening processes.

2. Homeowner Association Boards who need to secure or manage their relationships with a management company. 

3. Vendors who want to secure or maintain their relationships with hospitality industry customers.

4. We can also help hotels and resorts that would like to find a way to provide the latest in High Speed Internet solutions to their guests that don’t break the bank, and might actually be a profit center.

How We Do It

First and foremost, we will tell you right up front that we are really good at some things, and not so much at others.  For better or worse, it all starts with me. Once you, our potential client, and I agree on your goals, I will put together a team to tackle it. That might be just me, or it might mean bringing in colleagues to assist in the areas where I need support.  Not that price should dictate your choice of a Consultant, but I can guarantee you that the structure of Indigo is very lean, and that will translate to your costs. I also guarantee you that the process will be enjoyable, because while I love what I do, I don’t think it does anyone much good if we take it all too seriously.