New Year, New Opportunities

As we approach mid-January, by now you have probably recycled (or God forbid, disassembled) your Christmas tree and stored away the decorations. For me, it is the toughest part. I love everything about the Holidays, except taking them apart, putting them away and moving on. But, while each New Year brings its own challenges, it also brings opportunities, the chance for a fresh start, and who knows, maybe the best year of your life!

While I can’t predict with any certainty if this is going to be “your” year, there is one thing I can tell you for sure. If you don’t go into it with the idea that it can be, it won’t be. Optimism is a wonderful thing, and it is contagious, but so too is pessimism. There is no shortage of great opportunities out there. Notwithstanding those who will tell you different, the economy is generally strong, as is the job market, especially in the Hospitality Industry. Think about your future, where do you really want to be in five years? Is your current path going to get your there? There is no time like the present to explore all of the wonderful opportunities that are out there.

I would also suggest that you take inventory of your education and skills. I made the decision almost a year ago to go back to college to get my MBA. Now, I am well along and couldn’t be happier for having made the commitment to go after something that I had as a back burner goal for decades. If you don’t have the education or skills needed for that next step, find a way to go get them. Do your best to not let life get in the way. When the sacrifice pays off in the future, it will be well worth the effort and focus that it required of you, and you will be a better person for it.

The New Year can also be a new beginning for family. Take this opportunity to show your family how important they are to you, and that you couldn’t get along without them. Make that most important person in your life more important than you. There is no greater gift to them, and yourself. You will be glad you did.

What are you waiting for, make 2016 the best ever. It’s in your hands!