Looking For Windows

Most of us have a hidden passion, something we have always wanted to pursue, but haven’t. This could relate to a job, hobby, travel, fitness, education or a myriad of other possibilities. The reasoning for not moving ahead is usually sound, often related to real life realities, such as the demands of a career, raising a family, paying the bills, it goes on and on. It would be easy for me to scream “carpe diem”, that we should always “seize the day”, that one should always pursue their passion. Life is short, and no one deserves to deny themselves that one thing that will most fulfill their goals or complete their “bucket list”. That however, would not only be unrealistic, but in my case fairly hypocritical. I have a fairly long bucket list myself, with more items unchecked than checked.

The good news is that life often provides “windows of opportunity”. The important thing is to do your best to not miss their opening. They often don’t stay open long, and it may be a long time, if ever, before they reopen.  It isn’t always easy to identify the openings, but we usually recognize them when they appear, and then our rational side and natural resistance to change goes to work to try to talk us out of seizing the opportunity.

One such window has opened for me in the past year and I am pleased to report that I recognized the opportunity, and have seized it. I received my Bachelor’s degree at Florida State University a long time ago. I won’t say how long ago, but as a hint it was two football coaches ago, and Bobby Bowden was there a very long time. I had the opportunity then to stay in school and work on my MBA, but instead chose to jump into the real world with both feet. The window for the MBA closed. Life immediately got in the way. Fast forward to present day. Nearly a year ago now, I left a job that I alternately loved and hated for over a decade. That forced me to reevaluate, to decide what to do with the next chapter, whether I really wanted another corporate job, or to go in a different direction.  Lo and behold, there was that same old window, the opportunity to pursue my MBA. It reopened.

This week I will begin an exciting journey.  Academia has changed plenty over the ensuing decades. I barely recognize it, but I’m going to jump in with both feet, as I pursue my MBA online through Johnson & Wales University.

Keep your eyes open as you travel your journey. Look out for those windows, both new and familiar, and if the time is right, don’t let anything get in your way of pursuing your passion.